Process Overview

Across the board, our T-Mobile Towers customers are interested in great service that minimizes their time-to-market. At T-Mobile we do it for our own robust wireless network. We know your side of the business so it makes ultimate sense that we can help you do the same for your wireless network.

Searching thousands of wireless cell sites on is easy, fast, and informative. Once you sign-in, type in your search parameters, hit the return button and voila! It is that easy.

For the most comprehensive data and information about the thousands of cell sites owned and operated by T-Mobile, don't forget to register as a user.

Once you identify a site (or sites) that will be the focus of your application, here's what you can expect our commitment to do:

As you can see, T-Mobile Towers has recently done our own website makeover so that we are customer-focused, and streamlined in terms of services and response time.

Comprehensive searching for thousands of sites is made easy. Not only does T-Mobile offer multiple ways to search and view our cell sites across the country, we have also beefed up our data reporting capabilities so that you have access to information that will give you a leg-up.

Here is some of the information that you will be able to sift through when doing a search:

  •  Site ID Number
  •  Structural Type
  •  Latitude and Longitude
  •  Structural Height
  •  Street, City, State, County and Zip Code

Finally, we are expanding our professional staff. Matter of fact, during 2009 our T-Mobile Towers Team will be triple its former size so that every T-Mobile Towers customer receives service that exceeds expectations.